WhatsApp has teamed up with Government and WHO – To Curb Misinformation About COVID-19


The outbreak of coronavirus has led to situation of panic among people across the world. But what is adding more panic to this chronic situation is the spread of misinformation regarding coronavirus through social media sites.
Now it has been a usual scenario to spread false news through WhatsApp and it has become difficult to curb the spread of misinformation. So, WhatsApp has teamed up with World Health Organisation and introduced a chatbot termed as World Health Organisation chatbot. It shares only authentic information so that the users have access to verified news. The chatbot offers data regarding Covid-19 and also provides guidance for the users.
The users have to send a ‘Hi’ to +41798931892 after saving the number to the contact list. After which, the users will be able to access tools like myth-busters, frequently asked questions or FAQs, latest news, link to donate funds and also travel advice.
WhatsApp has also collaborated with government to prevent the spread of fake news and to circulate authentic news. MyGov Corona Helpdesk is the WhatsApp chatbot that has been launched to spread authentic information and bust the myths.
The number 9013151515 has been shared by PM Narendra Modi as the WhatsApp helpline number in order to get correct information and the user has to send ‘Namaste’ to this number to get information.
As per the reports, the bot was built by Haptik Technologies, the one which Reliance Jio had acquired the previous year and the information related to Covid-19 is being provided by the Ministry of Health.