Should The Super Spreaders Of Coronavirus Feel Guilty For Their Act?


Super spreader is the one who acts as a source from which a large number of people get infected by the Corona virus pandemic. During this time of corona virus outbreak there are a large number of people who have come in contact with various types of super spreaders which has led to their isolation as well. The question on whether the super spreader should feel guilty is a confusing question, as it all depends on whether the spreading is done by him/ her due to lack of awareness of the infection or whether it is done knowingly.
Although the super spreaders do not have any super power, they accidentally spread the virus to the ones with whom they have a close physical contact. The researchers have also seen from the study that spreading is more common to individuals who are having less immunity power and this is majorly common in individuals who are older than 50 years or having any genetic diseases.
Some of the super spreaders are unaware of their infection as they do not possess any of the symptoms at the early stage while there are others who are aware of their symptoms and act as a super spreader due to their easy go mindset by not recognizing the intensity of this spread. The first group of people needn’t be guilty as they are not purposely transmitting the infection to others while the second group need to be guilty for their act.  Even after the governments as well as WHO warning such people to act in a wiser way there are still many with such mindset and they would be the ones who would feel guilty for their act as their mindset is creating a ruckus in the lives of others as well.