Cheap And Easily Transferable Ventilators To Be Developed By IIT Kanpur


As the number of Corona infected cases are rising at a highly significant rate in India, IIT Kanpur has decided to develop cheap and portable ventilators for the patients affected by the viral infection. There has also been a claim made by the professors of the IIT that the cost of developing this ventilator is very low as compared to that of a normal ventilator available in the market, and this was because of sourcing all the components from India itself.
Professors also claimed that the cost of their ventilator would only be just 70,000 compared to the price of 4,00,000 for the ones available in the market. A prototype of this ventilator has been developed by two of the students from IIT, named Harshit Rathore and Nikhil Kurule. They are also running a company called ‘Nocca Robotics’.
IIT have made a 9-member team for this project and it includes the doctors from Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences (NICS), Bangalore. IIT have also promised to develop 1000 ventilators in a month if their project is a success. These ventilators would have a permanent connection over mobile phones and these phones would be used to read the critical information displayed. Although there wouldn’t be any requirement of medical air for its functioning, there would be a provision made for attaching an oxygen cylinder as and when it is required.