How Does Corona Virus Spread?


Researchers have identified that the spread of Corona virus can occur through mucus and droplets of saliva. This generally transmits from one person to another through these droplets while one sneezes or coughs. While sneezing or coughing, the droplets gets suspended in the air for a certain time period and when another person inhales this by staying in that location, this leads to transfer of the infection.
Thus, when a person with Coronavirus sneezes he bursts out saliva in the air which are extremely contaminated with the viruses. One and a half litre of air at average is released by every human when he/she coughs. Thus, the spreading cannot be controlled unless adequate distance is maintained from the infected person or a mask is used while staying close to the infected.
Scientists have also come to a finding that there are 3000 droplets of saliva produced and spread into the air when a person cough. Each of these droplets also have a capacity to contain up to 2 million coronavirus particles. Even if a few of these droplets enters the body of a healthy individual, it can cause Corona virus infection and the individual would start showing symptoms of the infection within a week’s time period. Sneezing is even more contagious than coughing as the droplets spread in air through sneezing is much higher than the ones that spreads through coughing. Thus, the best way which can be adopted for controlling the spread, is to stay at a distance from the person who has symptoms of Corona and using a mask when there is any contact with such people.