Twitter introduces Hindi-word for social distancing which is ‘TAN-DOORI’


Most people are busy talking about the preventive measures to be adopted to curb the spread of coronavirus such as using face masks, washing hands with soap for 20 seconds, using hand sanitizers etc.
The memers on Twitter has been utilizing these quarantine days to give the people some of the best jokes to laugh at during this panic-stricken situation. The word which went viral and which is still trending on Twitter is TAN-DOORI.
 Many people have misinterpreted this word to be a food item, instead it is a Hindi term for social-distancing. Tan refers to body and Doori stands for distance, which implies there should be distance maintained physically by the people to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai also tweeted about this term saying that it is a remarkable humour and a piece of creativity of Indians even during these tough times is a stand out.
Actor Paresh Rawal also took to Twitter and posted about the term mentioning that ultimately, we could find a Hindi word for social-distancing i.e. TAN-DOORI.
Several people took to Twitter to create numerous jokes and memes about this humorous discovery.
People also said that they are waiting for the day when people would be able to discover the funny as well as humorous version of the terms ‘isolation’ and ‘quarantine’.