Second Wave Of Coronavirus Spread Traced In China After The Patients Returning Back From Foreign Countries Back To China


As per the statement given by a spokesperson from National Health Services the rising number of Coronavirus infection seen from people coming from abroad created a huge tension for the second attack of Coronavirus in the country at this time where the spread is extremely slow domestically. He also added that the total cases which were imported to the country have reached to 693 cases, which have a highly potential risk for a new round of spread across the country.
Although the country reported 313 cases from patients who came from abroad, the total cases which were confirmed due to domestic transmission were only 6 as per the data. In the Mainland there were 45 new Coronavirus cases reported as of Saturday, while it was comparatively lesser than the previous day’s total of 54 cases. Out of all these cases, most of the patients were the ones who returned back to China from abroad countries. The country had also reported five deaths on Saturday in the Wuhan region which is the epicentre of the pandemic virus.
Even though Wuhan was the epicentre of Coronavirus, the total cases reported in Wuhan region was just one in the last 10days. Condition is also getting better in Wuhan with the gradual reopening of borders and with the restarting of transportation services. After this there were also 60,000 people who reportedly entered the Wuhan region after the 2 months lockdown period.