Euthanization Of The 72 Year Old Indian Elephant Done At Smithsonian National Zoo In Washington


The departure of Ambika, the eldest Asiatic elephant from the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington has created tears to the zoo community. Ambika the 72-year-old Indian elephant was euthanised on Friday, following the recent irreversible decline in her health. Ambika, the third oldest elephant of North American Elephant population was born in India in the year 1948.
Ambika was captured from the Coorg forest at the age of 8 and worked there as a logging elephant until 1961. Later on, Ambika was given as a gift by the children from India to the zoo. A week ago, managers saw that Ambika's right front leg, which endured the worst part of her weight, built up a bend that weakened her capacity to stand. Despite the fact that she had some great days and some awful days, the staff developed more concern when she decided not to roam around her territory as much as she ordinarily would or engage in with her managers or elephant allies, Shanthi and Bozie.
Due to her very old age and continuous decline of health conditions, they believed that they have depleted all treatment alternatives and settled on the choice to euthanise her humanely at the Elephant Barn. Although Ambika’s allies Shanthi and Bozie were not present for the procedure, they were given the last opportunity of spending some time with Ambika for one last time before Ambika’s euthanasia took place.