British PM Boris Johnson Warns Nationals - Be Prepared For Much Worse Condition Before Getting Better


The British PM Boris Johnson, who is also self-quarantining after testing positive for the virus, has warned all the people in U.K to be careful of the Coronavirus spread, as the impact would be worse if they don’t stay safe indoors by maintaining social distancing to fight against the pandemic.
This warning was given by the PM, after the death toll rose to the mark of 1000 after the reports of 1019 death over the nation. There were also 260 deaths reported in the country on Saturday as well. The warning was communicated to the public via letters which were sent to over 30 million homes in the country with the Government’s advice outlining it. The total cost for this accounted to an estimate of 5.8 million pound. PM Johnson also warned the people that he would impose stricter rules if it is found necessary to fight against the pandemic.
The PM who is facing the issue of mild symptoms of the infection, has also said in his letter that the country is taking appropriate steps to fight against the pandemic and thus there is no need to worry on it and rather has to maintain social distancing to avoid a worse condition. He also added that many of the retired nurses and doctors have returned back to NHS for supporting the lives of the infected and thus asked people to support them by staying indoors and not creating more casualty