Odd Response By Sweden To Coronavirus Outbreak


While majority of the Europe’s population is enduring the lockdown conditions that has been imposed by the government to battle the Covid-19 outbreak, only one country is allowing life to go much closer to a normal pace.
For Sweden, it has just become warm in the country after a long winter period, to sit outdoors in the capital. Also, Swedish people are making most out of it. Families are being seen to tuck into the ice cream shops and youth is seen enjoying the happy-hour bubbles from the pavement etc. In some places, nightclubs are still open, but the gatherings of more than 50 individuals will be restricted from Sunday.
Sweden has almost 3,500 cases of coronavirus and also 105 deaths. Things are getting noticeably quieter than usual, on the roads of Sweden. Stockholm's public transport company SL said that it witnessed a fall of 50% in the number of passengers on commuter and subway trains the previous week.
In Sweden, there are more number of guidelines rather than stringent rules, giving more focus on staying home irrespective of being elderly or sick, washing hands frequently and also avoiding non-essential travel and giving work from home for the employees.
Another factor which influences the country’s approach is demography. More than 50% of the Swedish homes are made up of one person irrespective of the multi-generational homes in Mediterranean countries, which will curb the risk of transmission of virus among families.
Officials also mentioned that Swedish people love the outdoors and hence keeping the people mentally and physically healthy is a crucial reason due to which they are avoiding strict rules that confine people to stay indoors.