Experts Suggest That the Mortality Rate Is Higher Among the Cancer Patients in China and Italy


With COVID-19 death rates more among the cancer patients in China and Italy, specialists have recommended revisiting the objectives of treatment, anticipated gains and battling complications of COVID-19 in a cancer patient who is immune compromised. Oncologists and their patients need to discuss the hard choice of a little decrease in the danger of repeat throughout the following five years versus the higher danger of mortality and morbidity from Coronavirus in the short and medium-term, the specialists believe.
Italy and China have reported a greater number of deaths among the cancer patients as per the doctors of the Medanta Cancer Institute in Gurugram. Although there was only 7.6% of deaths reported in China among the cancer patients, while the rate was 20% in the cancer patients from Italy.
 Dr Ashok Vaid who is also a Padmashree awardee oncologist recommended that all the activities which we feel unnecessary should be delayed and also the oncologist need to be consulted to get advice on what is necessary and what is not. The risk of surgery postponement and chemotherapy also need to evaluated as per the suggestion of Dr Sabhaya Gupta.