Youtube Has Created a Default Video Quality for Some of Its Users At 480p Amid COVID-19 Outbreak


Since last week YouTube has reduced the video quality of streaming of some of its users at a standard definition as the lockdown affected in many countries across the globe has forced people to stay indoors. As most of the people were staying at their home there was a sudden spike seen in the internet usage and thus creating bandwidth concerns due to the slowing internet speed.
The restriction on the video quality was imposed only for some of the IOS users and android users while others were able to stream at a high video quality. The standard default quality was 480p which was restricted to many users. There has been reporting made by android and IOS users on this ceiling of video quality as YouTube has not yet announced on this restriction to the users. The first ones to report on this video quality restriction among the android users were the XDA developers whereas by now some multiple users of IOS has also reported on the same.
The XDA users also pointed out in their report that they feel this restriction was only regionally, as there were many others who are in different geographical location able to access videos at a higher quality. Although this issue was reported for the YouTube app, it was seen that the YouTube website was still streaming at all video quality. Although YouTube announced last week regarding their plan to have a standard definition video quality for their users in India, they still didn’t mention anything regarding the quality restriction. Other streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hotstar have also started having this default video quality streaming to reduce any bandwidth concerns.