Are People With HIV More At Risk From Coronavirus?


Many of the HIV-positive people who reside in countries like Britain and the US are aged over 50 contracted the virus during the AIDS pandemic during 1980s-1990s. this tends to make them more prone to risk of diseases such as diabetes or cancer.
The data regarding the risk factors of Covid-19 in HIV patients is not available presently. The health officials mentioned that they know that elderly people with pre-existing heart and lung diseases including those people living with HIV at prone to greater risk from the virus.
If an HIV patient and is on medication and is also having a result which shows the patients CD4 level is coming in between a normal range, the advice doctors have to give for the patients from protecting from Covid-19 will be the same advice they have to give for an uninfected person i.e. to wash hand at regular intervals with soap and to maintain social distancing.
If the person has been diagnosed with HIV, the additional vulnerability will be dependent on whether the person was diagnosed at a later stage of the infection. If the person is diagnosed, the treatment should be started as soon as possible, irrespective of whether it is viral load or CD4 level.
Half of HIV positive patients who are living in the WHO European region are diagnosed at a later stage of the infection and in central Asia and Eastern Europe only about half the patients know their current status are being put on life-saving antiretrovirals. This tends to weaken their immune systems more and ongoing transmission of HIV.
With the restrictions on the movement of people, community reach activities as well as the working schedule of the clinics during the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, it will tend to increase the serious consequences on health of the patients if any other alternatives are noyt put in place.
People with HIV has to be given clear guidance from the part of Government so that they will be able to know how to protect themselves and can also access their rights.