Microsoft Brings In Additional Features In The New Version Of Edge


Microsoft has announced a list of additional features in its new Chromium-based Edge Web browser which gives the browser an edge over Firefox and Chrome. The new features were announced through a blog post by the company. The features include:

  • Collections feature – Microsoft said that it will bring Collections feature to the Microsoft Edge mobile application also. This feature will permit the user to accumulate information from various websites, organize them and export them to various files. This feature views to be beneficial for search-related tasks like research papers, article writing, or checking for materials to learn a specific topic.
  • Vertical-tabs – this feature places all the tabs towards the left side of the window in a list. This will enable an uncluttered view of all the tabs which are opened by the user, on the left-hand side of the screen.
  •  Tracking prevention – this feature will prevent the advertisers and websites from tracking the user over internet. This is a crucial feature for all the web browsers as it offers the user greater control over what they view over internet.
  • Smart copy – this feature enables the user to choose an area instead of the text. This will aid in copying content from graphs, tables, infographics etc.
  • Password monitor – this feature tells the user if their credentials are up for sale over the dark web. It notifies the user if the details of login they saved to autofill have been detected or identified in the dark web.
  • InPrivate browsing - this is the incognito mode of the Microsoft browser. This feature automatically deletes the cookies, history and the site data soon after the user closes the window.
  • Immersive reader – this provides a distraction free mode for avid readers. This feature shows a number of tools like the page they are reading now, ability in adjusting the text etc.
Other features include best Netflix experience with Dolby audio and 4K support, Give with Bing, Give mode for Charity etc.