WhatsApp Contacts are now shown in Share Sheet Suggestions in iPhone


WhatsApp on iPhone received a new update which adds a convenient feature for content sharing. The new v2.20.40 of the instant messaging app now shows the WhatsApp contact suggestions directly in the menu of share sheet. This feature enables the users to easily share the content to their WhatsApp contacts by just tapping on any of the names in the list and clicking the send button. The new feature has been rolled out through a stable channel and this updated version is available to the users oh iPhone across the globe.
The share sheet had only the WhatsApp icon earlier which had to be tapped in order to open the sharing menu of the app and hence send the content to the contacts. In the new version, WhatsApp contacts is now visible in a row on top of the share sheet. The user has just to click on the contact to share contents.
For instance, if a person is sharing an image, just click on the contact in WhatsApp, and soon after that, it will open a native share window with the contact wherein the user will be able to crop or edit the photo and then send it to the contact.
Thus, this new feature of contact suggestions in iOS 13’s share sheet is a convenient addition definitely. If a user is not able to access the new feature, he/she has to install the latest version of WhatsApp in their iPhone from their app store.