How Tablighi Jamaat Turned Out As a Super Spreader Of Coronavirus Pandemic


The religious meeting which was conducted in the Nizamuddin area of Delhi by the Tablighi Jamaat has turned out as a major super spreader in the country. The meeting which was conducted in the first week of March has turned out to be a catastrophe as it became the root cause for 10 Coronavirus deaths in the country along with infecting many from the group who attended the meeting.
The total number of people who attended the meeting were more than 2000 and hailed from countries outside India as well. The Talbighi Jamaat had also conducted a bigger event, days before the Nizamuddin event and this event was conducted at the Sri Petaling mosque in Malaysia’s Senegor where almost 16,000 people attended. This event which was conducted from February 27th to March 1st had people hailing from different countries participating in the event, and it included people from India, China, Canada, Nigeria, Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore, Brunei and Australia.
Both these events have been a major cause for forming a new cluster of Corona infected patients around the globe. In Malaysia the cluster formed out of the first meeting has created around two third of the Corona positive cases in the country and has put the country into a complete lockdown within a short period after the partial lockdown.