Among The Spike In Popularity For Zoom, It Poses Risk To The Users


The video-conferencing app Zoom has been declared as the new target for hackers and also the nefarious intention users. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has warned zoom about this in a pre-emptive manner. FBI has highlighted two incidents that happened in Massachusetts, US and also numerous reports stating that the video-conference were getting hijacked and also things such as hate/pornographic images and threatening languages were visible.
A complained was registered with FBI in US where a teacher said that, when she was conducting classes online via Zoom, an unknown person joined in and yelled a profanity and also shouted the home address of the teacher in the middle of the instruction. Also, numerous reports have been registered in the similar manner. Americans are being warned by FBI to be cautious while they are using the video-conferencing apps and has also stated some steps that could be used to ensure that there is no hijacking.
Brad Garrett, who is a former FBI agent said that the cyber criminals are targeting and attacking the apps which are used for video-conferencing like Zoom and also during this toughest time when the pandemic coronavirus is spreading. He also said that Zoom offer a rich target for such criminals. These criminals can develop domains to target people and also “impersonate Zoom” to rob the information.
A Zoom spokesperson said that they are taking security of the meetings in Zoom very seriously and they are really upset about the outbreak of such incidents in their app.