Report Says That the Feature Of Expiring Messages To Be Brought In Whatsapp


After WhatsApp introduced their new feature of ‘Delete for Everyone’ option, now they are working on the new feature of ‘Expiring Messages’ where the messages in the past would be erased as time passes by.
According to the report by WeBetainfo, there will not be any kind of immediate access to the Beta users for this feature, even though they have launched the updated version on 2.20.110. Although this new feature of ‘Expiring messages’ is similar to the ‘Delete for Everyone’ the main idea of this feature is not the same. In the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature the reader can understand that he had received a message which was deleted later on by the sender whereas in the new feature of ‘Expiring Messages’ no trace of the message would be left behind after the message is deleted.
This feature would be enabled in group chat as well, but the feature can be accessed only by the admins in the group chats. There is also another feature of reducing the status viewing time to be introduced in WhatsApp, and this feature is going to be temporary as the main idea behind this is to reduce the current traffic in the server.