The Scare Of Coronavirus Has Moved Humans Away From The Streets And Animals Into The Streets


After the global lockdown has forced the people to stay indoors to curb the spread of Coronavirus pandemic, it came to notice that animals have moved into the streets which even includes the endangered wildlife animals.
These scenes are very bizarre as this would be the first-time most of the people would be experiencing such things in many decades. One such scene was the wandering of the Small Indian Civet in one of the towns from Calicut. Small Indian Civet which is one of the endangered species are very rarely seen even in the Indian forests.  There were also groups of ducks seen wandering near the Paris theatre. All these scenes which are caught on camera clearly proves how the animals are set free in the world without staying captivated within their limits set by humans.
One of the Chilean officials also told the Agence France Presse that this condition is very much similar to the habitat which these animals once had before humans stole it from them. As per the reports it was also found that animals and birds living in urban areas have found it difficult too survive as there is lack of food for them. Although this lockdown has been a boon for many animals to roam freely without any fear, it has been a bane to the other animals who depended on humans for their daily food.