The Lockdown In Myanmar Has Made Aung San Suu Kyi To Create Her Own Personal Facebook Account


The state counsellor of Myanmar, Aung san Suu Kyi has created her personal Facebook account after the lockdown got imposed in Myanmar to control the spread of Coronavirus pandemic. So far, the country of Myanmar has reported 15 confirmed cases of Coronavirus. Suu Kyi had maintained a very low profile in social media until this lockdown, and soon after the account was started she also wrote her first post in Facebook mentioning how she wants to make the best use of social media in this situation of lockdown for having a proper communication channel with the public as well as with the other leaders.
As per the reports of Reuters, the genuinity of her account can be assured as there is a blue tick near her name verifying the account. In her first post itself she also mentioned on how she used to have no willingness towards using Facebook in the beginning. Facebook was quite popularly used in Myanmar to share fake news regarding the Rohingya community. There were huge controversies going on against Myanmar users of Facebook for using the website inappropriately and this was even criticised by the United Nations as Facebook couldn’t do enough to regulate it.
Suu Kyi also mentioned in the first Facebook post that she had created this account majorly due to the circumstances prevailing in the country which has been caused due to the Coronavirus crisis. Within a very short span of time her post also gained notice by many and even received 3,10,000 likes and her account got followed by 7,00,000 followers.