20 Million Face Masks Sourced By Apple For Health Workers


Reports say that Apple is sourcing approximately 20 million face shields or face masks for distributing it to the health workers who has been in the frontline fighting the pandemic coronavirus.
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple tweeted that Apple has implemented a company wide effort in order to bring together engineering, packaging and operations team as well as product designers to design, produce and deliver the face masks to health workers.
Cook mentioned that they were able to ship the first lot of face shields to Kaiser Hospital situated in California and the company also received a positive feedback from the doctors.
Other details given by Cook included that the face masks can be packed flat in a box and the box can contain a capacity of over 100 masks. He also said that each shield is assembled in less than 2 minutes and it is fully adjustable.
Apple has been undertaking the sourcing of material and manufacturing of face masks in US and China and it is also expected to ship approx. 1 million shields by the end of this week and over 1 million each in the coming weeks.
Tim Cook has also said that his team is working closely with government as well as medical officials in order to deliver the face masks in places where there is priority of shields.
The main purpose of Apple behind this initiative is that they wanted to deliver essential things to the caregivers immediately and also at the scale at which the present situation is requiring. The company also has plans to expand their distribution beyond the US.