Google Doodle conveys gratitude to the packing, shipping and delivery workers for their continued support even during the Coronavirus Crisis


With the aid of animated illustration, Google Doodle thanked the packaging, shipping and delivery personnel on Wednesday. In the animated illustration there is an emoji of heart depicting the love and respect for all the delivery personnel and the ones who are associated with those particular departments.  
As one hovers over this special logo of Google, the message which would be displayed would be ‘To all packaging, shipping and delivery workers, thank you’. In this condition of widespread Coronavirus crisis where most of the people have stopped going for work and decided to work from home, there are still many essential workers who have been continuing their services by risking their lives. Thus, the Google Doodle aimed at thanking those people who are playing a critical role in supplying the goods to the customers.
Google Doodle which was released a week back aimed at thanking the health workers, doctor and nurses who are tirelessly working for the wellbeing of others by risking their own lives, and this new doodle for thanking the packing, shipping and delivery workers are also a part of the same series.