Government Grants Permission For I.T Companies To Function With 50% Workforce Post April 20


A decision has been made by the Government for giving some relaxation on the I.T sector by allowing them to function with 50% of the workforce. As per the decision made by the government all companies in the I.T sector can function with 50% workforce after 20th April even when the lockdown would continue till May 3rd.
The lockdown which began in India from 25th March until 14th April was extended by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to May 3rd by keeping into consideration the rising spread of Coronavirus within the country. However, in his announcement he said that some concession would be given to people after 20th April although the lockdown would continue until May 3rd.
In a statement made by the Government they also announced that the Ministry of Home Affairs has selected some activities which would resume under the guidelines of the government. The government also emphasized the importance of service sector in the National growth. As per the decision made by the government the activities that would resume its functioning in the country post 20th April includes the operations of IT and IT enabled services, e-commerce operations and call centres for Government activities.