Full Body Sanitizing Machine To Be Installed Post Covid-19 Lockdown


When life has come to a halt across the globe amid coronavirus lockdown, companies are busy working on developing possible solutions in order to deal with the existing situation. It has been witnessed that a Bengaluru-based company is working on a prototype machine which generates nanobubbles. The nanobubbles helps in oxidizing the contaminants in a person’s body. This machine covers the whole body by throwing cool fog-like air on the body, similar to the current sanitizers. For the process, a person has to stand in front of the machine as it releases fog and sanitize the body for 20 seconds.

The machine releases NOXXAIR, which is an environment-friendly heterogenous liquid capable of disinfecting and also arrests the cross-contamination due to the airborne viruses, pathogens and also bacteria, says the developers of Sufogie.

Majority of viruses including coronavirus needs a host bacteria or pathogens in order to replicate them when they infect the human body such as Streptococci and Staphylococcus aureus, says Dr. Madan Iyengar, who is the CEO of Ozo NanoSciences. He also said the nanobubbles that are released by the machine will oxidize the contaminant and hence disinfect the surface areas.

Iyengar said that the contaminants that are defined in the air are heavy metals, organic and inorganic. Due to the organics creating trouble presently via cross-contamination, it does the job if it is oxidized because of the nanobubbles since it is a modified peroxide. The developers are negotiating with the government as well as private agencies in order to bring this machine in majority of public places such as hospitals, malls, schools, colleges, markets, offices and also homes.