Vaccine by the Oxford researchers gives hope against the Coronavirus pandemic


A super-fast vaccine for fighting against the coronavirus pandemic has been promised by the scientists from the University of Oxford and has also said that it would be available by September. In the virtual press conference, which was conducted on Friday, Prof. Sarah Gilbert who is the lead researcher of the vaccine department programme told that her team and herself is really confident on the ChAdOx1 vaccine for fighting against the Coronavirus pandemic. The team has also promised to produce and supply over one million doses of the vaccine by September.

The ChAdOc1 is the fourth vaccine in the world which is about to enter the phase of Clinical Trial. The only difference between this vaccine and the others is the minimal time it would require to deliver in mass quantities. The other three vaccines which promised to be produced in mass was in almost 12 to 18 months and out of them two vaccines were from America and 1 from China.

The Oxford researchers’ team is fully confident on this new vaccine and thus has even began its production in bulk, even before the Clinical trial is completed. One of the professors of Oxford also commented on this by saying that they didn’t want to be in a stage where there is lack of vaccine after the clinical trial is completed.