Doctors Trying To Seek Answers Of Unprecedented Blood Clotting Among Covid-19 Patients


Doctors have discovered that some patients who have been infected by the pandemic coronavirus are having propensity towards developing blood clots, which can ultimately turn out to be life threatening for the patient if the clot travel towards the lungs or heart. Dr. Jeffrey Laurence, who is a haematologist at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City, said that the number of clotting problems that he is witnessing in the ICU which is all relate to Covid-19 is unprecedented. He added that blood clotting problems are being seen as widespread in severe Covid. A study which was conducted in Netherlands also discovered “remarkably high” rates of clotting among coronavirus patients admitted in the ICU.

A consortium on international experts from 30 hospitals gathered to discuss about the existing issue and their conclusion was that they are unclear about why, but Covid-19 patients are being predisposed to having clots. They are also wondering whether the blood clots are the cause of death among Covid-19 patients.
There are 3 reasons why coronavirus patients might be having an especially high risk of blood clotting, said Bikdeli, a cardiovascular medicine fellow at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. The first reason is that the majority of infected people who become ill severely will be suffering from heart disease, diabetes and also high blood pressure. These patients, whether they are infected or not, have a tendency to clot than the healthy ones.

The second reason said by Bikdeli is that, one way through which coronavirus can kill people is through “cytokine storm” wherein the own immune system of the body turns on itself. Patients who are suffering this storm are high at risk for clots. The third reason he stated is that, there might be something about the deadly virus which itself is causing clots. The doctors are finding it hard to know exactly what they are witnessing with the infected patients in the ICU.