How Safely Can Face Mask Protect You From Getting Infected By Coronavirus?


After the pandemic was seen as spreading very rapidly across countries, many countries have started producing face masks in bulk. There are also many people who are engaged in producing masks for themselves. Although in the beginning people only preferred N95 masks for safety, later on due to scarcity people have started to develop their own masks for staying safe.

Although the safety of an individual wearing a non-medical face masks is not as much as N95, it is still better for staying safe from the pandemic. After Coronavirus claimed the lives of many people across the globe, people have started to get worried about their health and this is the primary reason for people making their own mask in a situation where there is lack or shortage of the medical face masks such as the N95 mask.

There is also still a confusion in the minds of many people regarding the safety of these homemade mask compared to the N95 masks. These homemade masks possess more risk than the N95 masks but still provides a decent level of safety for the people as their nose and mouth gets covered by these masks by thus allowing only a very few particles in the air to pass through them.