Covid-19 Resolutions From Saudi Arabia And Russia Rejected By United Nations


On Wednesday, the UN officials announced regarding the rejection made by the General Assembly of the two resolutions on the novel coronavirus pandemic by the countries Russia and Saudi Arabia. The 193 member UN World Body has been rejecting the Russian resolution on Covid-19 for the second time making it their second defeat. The draft resolution is circulated to the member nations, as the assembly is not able to have any meetings during the pandemic.

 The resolution becomes defeated if any one country objects before the time of deadline, which in this case was the afternoon of EDT Wednesday. In normal case, the assembly resolution is taken by consensus or through majority votes. The first Russian resolution that was rejected by the union was on April 2nd. The draft made by Saudi on the resolution was rejected by Iran and Syria.

The U.S President Donald Trump also had suspended his funding for the WHO in the beginning of this month saying that he didn’t feel the organization was effective as they couldn’t stop the spreading of Coronavirus which began in Wuhan China. He also accused the UN agency for failing to control the spread.