Desperate Tourists Escaping Covid-19 Lockdown In US Attracted By Mount Rushmore


The winding and steep roads which leads to the iconic Mount Rushmore memorial located in South Dakota, which usually attracts a massive number of tourists are deserted these days due to the lockdown imposed in the US. This mecca of tourism is now only drawing the attention of visitors who are desperate to escape their extended confinement due to the pandemic coronavirus outbreak.

Depressed and weary Linda and Stevie Easterling, who was downhearted due to the surging number of deaths in the US, was for a quite long time longing for fresh air and also a change of scenery. So, they both decided to pile into their car for the 14-hour drive west. They also took adequate precautionary measures before going for their trip to South Dakota, which is categorized as one of the few US states which is excluded from the coronavirus lockdown. Linda Easterling made a statement that they are carrying along with them a car full of gloves, masks as well as disinfecting wipes.

At the entrance of the park, there was usually grey-shirted rangers collecting USD 10 per car entry fee, but now the usual barriers have been removed which led to permitting easy access to the parking lots which was nearly empty now. Along with this, the cafeteria, information center and also the gift shop were all closed in Mount Rushmore. It was also reported that the tourists are permitted to visit this mecca of tourism in South Dakota from 5am to 11pm.