CEOS and HR Professionals Say That Work From Home Can Lead To Creation Of Jobs And Boost Economy, But Needs Innovation


CEOs as well as startups are having a first-hand experience with the work from home culture due to the lockdown imposed around the globe to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. They are experiencing WFH during the first and also the second phase of the Covid-19 lockdown. The experiences of WFH is portrayed as quite encouraging as far as the ambit and scope of WFH in future is taken into consideration. A lot of scope for this new working style is being viewed by the CEOs who are based in Chandigarh.

KS Bhatia, CEO of feels that WHF has the potential to boost up the sector of employment besides the real estate. He said that, Indians have witnessed two main things during this lockdown phase i.e. Work from home and also Education form home. He added that WHF has many advantages which includes saving a lot of time which employees had to spend on travel and utilizing the same for doing productive work, women are also benefitted by WFH since they are able to look after their homes along side working for the company. Bhatia was of the view that this sector requires innovation and when innovation takes place, many more start-ups will be launched which ultimately creates employment opportunities for people.

Bhatia also felt that WFH besides the employment sector will also improve the real estate sector since people would require more living spaces in order for working from home. He was of the view that, this would surge the demand for housing and hence its sales would improve.