Behavior Of Coronavirus In A Human Body And Reason Why It Is Difficult To Be Treated


Viruses are creatures that are extremely bizarre as they are those chemical compounds which are made up of just a few handful molecules. In order to form different types of shapes, these molecules are arranged in different orders by themselves. By giving a proper identity to the Coronavirus family, in this case of Coronavirus, sparkling red balls with crowns is made by these molecules.

Comparing to the pathogenic cousins of virus which are bacteria and fungi, viruses are extremely small in size. Viruses prey on almost all living organisms. Some pathogens even feel sick due to some viruses as these pathogens get infected by these viruses. One of the best examples is bacteriophage, where a bacterium is infected and killed by a virus.

Bacteriophage is considered as the prime reason for the Ganga River being free of bacteria even after humans exceeded the capacity for keeping the water in the river clean. Since the life of viruses are extremely simple, most of the scientists never categorise them as living organisms. Although size of viruses is small in size, the size Sars-Cov 2 is 120 nanometres which comparatively a large in size virus.

The major reason why the virus is creating a havoc is because of the rapid reproduction of these virus after they enter into the body fluids. These viruses eat a cell from inside after they enter inside. During the time these virus leaves the body; they are in millions and the host cell becomes a garbage. One of the problems why treatment of Corona infected is difficult is because of the continuous evolving of the virus, although it is not significantly enough to be classified as mutation.