Coronavirus Test Kits In Tanzania Dismissed By President Since It Was Faulty


On Friday, President John Magufali dismissed the coronavirus test kits that were used in Tanzania since it was claimed as faulty. The test kits which were used in goats and pawpaw was tested positive for coronavirus. The President reported that the test kits had “technical errors” in them. He also said that these test kits were imported from an abroad country, but he did not reveal any other details about the same.

The security forces in Tanzania was instructed by the President for checking the quality of the test kits. They then obtained samples from numerous non-humans, such as a goat, papaya, a sheep and also assigned these samples with human names as well as ages. The accumulated samples were sent to the Tanzania’s laboratory for testing the coronavirus, but the technicians in the lab had no clue about the origins of the samples. Magufali said that the samples collected from the goat and the papaya tested positive for the deadly virus. He claimed that, few of the people were tested positive for Covid-19, but in reality, they were not positive. He has also ordered for a strict investigation of the testing kits.

The President also made a statement that for collecting a cure that is being promoted by the President of Madagascar, he is sending a plane for the same. But the herbal mix has not yet been recognized internationally for scientific testing.