The Traditional Mexican Card Game Of Loteria Featured In Google Doodle


The traditional Mexican card game of Loteria was shared by Google Doodle on Tuesday although the first publishing of the game was on 9th December 2019. The rules that need to be followed while playing this game is very much similar to that of the game Bingo where the spots are marked by the gamers with a token on the board and in early days this used to be a raw bean.

The ultimate goal of this game is to complete the board before any other gameplayer finishes. From the card deck the illustrated cards including El Arbol and La Luna are pulled out by the card announcer. The winner of the game is decided on who shouts ‘Loteria’ first after the board is marked completely.

As per the Google Doodle the Loteria game is quite famous currently in the Latinx community and also in Mexico. The creators of this game comprise of 5 Mexican and Mexican American illustrators. The card announcer’s sound in the game is given by Luisito Comunica who is a Mexican Youtuber. The Google Doodle launched Loteria last week under their throwback game series. They had also launched other games last week and it included games such as Fischinger and Scoville.