Tax On Alcohol Increased In Delhi From Tuesday Resulting In Price Of Alcohol Bottle Rise By 70 Percent


The government authorities have decided to increase the price of alcohol by 70 percent in Delhi from Tuesday. This extra tax is levied under the name of special ‘Corona fee’ and this 70% increase will be charged on the MRP of the alcohol bottle. The announcement for this new increase in tax was announced on Monday and the enforcement would come into effect from Tuesday, May 5th.

 The functioning of liquor shops in Delhi would also be allowed from 9am to 6:30pm from Tuesday as per the order done by the Delhi Police.  The opening of liquor shops in Delhi after the lockdown of 40 days was first done on 4th May Monday with the functioning of 150 liquor shops that were run by the state.

This had resulted in huge queues in front of liquor shops and crowd were staying in front of liquor shops without maintaining any social distancing norms or precautionary measures. Seeing this unacceptable behaviour, the government forcefully shut down the liquor shops of four districts in the National capital. The Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal also commented on this saying that the lockdown relaxation would be tightened back if there is more violation seen from the side of public.