The Question On Whether People Are Hiding Their Coronavirus Infection Still Prevails


In most of the cases the spread of coronavirus takes place quietly and there are a lot of cases where the patients are asymptomatic. This has resulted to a conclusion by the health experts across the globe that the actual number of infected is much higher than the ones that are reported currently around the world.

Although the jury still has no clarity regarding which is the best strategy to be adopted for controlling the spread, there is however a suggestion saying that there would be a masking over the active Corona positive cases in India as India is indulged in conservative testing.

According to many people the actual positive cases in India would be much higher than the reported cases at present. These conclusions have mainly come due to various incidents that have taken place in the country including the jumping of quarantined patients from the hospitals and beating of doctors in places where they have gone for surveys.

There is also a contrasting view by the All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD) as there is no increase in the demand for anti-infective medicines which are usually consumed for relief from headache or fever. Especially during the months March, April and May there was no spike seen in the medicines purchased.