Report Says That For Hoarding Of Supplies China Hid The Severity Of Covid-19


According to the details in Intelligence documents, there is a belief for the US officials that the severity of Coronavirus outbreak was hidden by China in order to cover up how worse the outbreak was and for stocking up the required medical support to fight against the pandemic. As per the report made by the four-page Department of Homeland Security on May 1st the intensity of the pandemic was purposely not revealed by the Chinese leaders when the pandemic infected the country in the early January.

According to the analysts China had a clear idea regarding the severity of the virus from beginning itself and thus had increased medical supplies as soon as they identified the intensity and had also reduced the exports of medical supplies. As per the analysts, reduction in exports was done by China by covering up the scenario by stating that there were restrictions on exports.

As per the report China also didn’t report to the WHO that Coronavirus was a “contagion” for the first half of January and there was also a sharp increase in the imports of face masks, surgical gloves and gowns by them. All these instances has led the Trump Administration blame over China for controlling the spread and for asking for the compensation from China.