US Firms Making Use Of H-1B Visa Programme For Paying Low Wages To Migrant Workers


A new report states that, a large number of H-1B employers are making of the programme in order to pay wages which are lower than the market wages to the migrant workers. The employers include the biggest technology firms in America such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft. The reports also say that these firms are taking advantage of the rules of the programme for the purpose of paying legally most of their H-1B workers a lower pay which is much below than the local median wage in the market.

The report which is titled "H-1B visas and prevailing wage levels"  and authored by Ron Hira and Daniel Costa states that, 60% of the position of H-1B which is certified by the US Department of Labor (DOL)  are being assigned the wage levels that are lower than the local median wage for such occupation. The DOL has the power to alter it, even though H-1B programme rules are permitting this. But, DOL has not yet changed the same.

The report mentions that the technology forms based in US hire the H-1B workers directly, in spite of contracting the same to the third-party employers. These firms had notable shares of their H-1B certified positions which are assigned as Level-1 or Level-2, both are the lowest wage levels in the fiscal 2019, which are lower than the local median wage.  Also, these firms are involved in hiring many of the H-1B workers on a contractual basis via outsourcing firms.