The CEO Of Zoom Claims That The Company Is American And Not Chinese


In a recent blog post, the CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan mentioned that Zoom is not a Chinese but an American company. The video calling app Zoom, which has turned out to be a controversial app is presently facing allegations that the company has a Chinese link. These allegations were refuted by Yuan through the blog post.

Yuan said in the blog post that, question have been raised about China and Zoom and at first, the company thought that these questions stemmed from a misconfiguration that was temporary in their global data center routing that they had fixed. Apart from this incident, they have also heard many rumors as well as false information which were disheartening.

The CEO also said that he is in American citizen since 2007 and lived in America from 1997. He claimed that the company Zoom is American, which was found and also headquartered in California. The company is incorporated in Delaware and also traded publicly in NASDAQ. He also said that, like any other multinational tech companies, Zoom also had its employees and operations in China. Those companies in China are being operated by the US parent company’s subsidiaries.

Yuan wrote in the blog post that, the company’s engineers are being employed through their subsidiaries and they are not hiding it. Their operations in China are similar materially to their peers in US who are also operating and also have workers over there.