Google Doodle Engages The Viewers By Featuring A Throwback Halloween Game From The Year 2016


It was noted that, Google Doodle is featuring a throwback Halloween Game today, which was released in the year 2016 for the purpose of celebrating Halloween. This Halloween animated game is quite engaging as it enables the gamer to aid a cat for battling a ghost using its wand.

For playing this game, the viewer has to just click on the play option on the Google Doodle, which further redirects the viewer to the animated game of Halloween. First, the gamer will be acquainted to the Magic Cat Academy wherein the activities would be distorted by a ghost. But, "freshman feline Momo" would not allow the ghosts to get the better of it since she is engaged in a mission for rescuing her magic school.

The gamer will see a wand in the Momo’s paw and he/she needs to draw the symbols which appears above the head of the ghosts in order to kill them. The animated environment of the game is similar to a school and today’s Halloween game in Google Doodle has in total five levels i.e. the cafeteria, library, gym, building’s rooftop and classroom.

This game was introduced by Google Doodle to engage people during this novel coronavirus pandemic crisis since most of the people are stuck in their homes and do not have anything interesting to do.