Teleworking Would Likely Be The New Usual Scenario Even After The Pandemic Crisis Is Resolved


There has been a huge relaxation given by various countries in the lockdown measures and many have even resumed their economic activities. There has been a huge dilemma in everyone’s mind currently on how the condition would be after the pandemic crisis comes to an end. The main two confusions in everyone’s mind is whether the companies would still continue to make their employees do teleworking or whether the employees would have to work in rotating shifts.

There are many people who are predicting that teleworking would be adopted by companies even after the lockdown comes to an end as vaccine for the viral infection has still not been found. According to reports there are many people who started liking the work from home agenda and who wishes to adopt the same in the coming future.

One of the companies which has already announced regarding their plan for continuing work from home is TCS. As per their statement their plan is to give their 75 percent employees the work from home feature until 2025. There is also a prediction by the Global Workplace Analytics for 25 to 30 million employees in U.S to continue working remotely for the next two years.