Spike In New Corona Cases Reported In India, Post Opening Of Liquor Shops On Monday


After the relaxation of lockdown measures on Monday by reopening the liquor shops across various states in the country on Tuesday there has been a huge spike seen in the total cases reported pushing the total infected cases in the country reach nearly 50,000 while the death toll crossed over 1,500 with more new deaths which was over 190.

After the liquor shops opened after a long pause of over 40 days lockdown, there was a huge queue seen in the liquor shops and this made the government of Delhi and Andhra Pradesh to charge more tax from the people who wanted to buy alcohol. The tax rate that was increased for alcohol bottles in Delhi was 70 percent while the increased tax rate per alcohol bottle of Andhra Pradesh was 75 percent.

There was also a spike in the rate for Diesel and Petrol sold in Punjab and Delhi as they wanted to regain their lost revenues from this new spiked price. After there were huge criticisms raised by many people over the reopening of liquor shops, State stressed that this was done in order to raise the government’s revenue. The criticisms were raised by people by posting photos and videos of the long queues outside liquor shops without even maintaining any social distancing norms and thus putting the whole country back to a higher state of risk from the pandemic.