Bihar Migrant Workers Says They Had To Pay Their Train Tickets With The Limited Remaining Savings


As of Tuesday, nearly 1200 migrant workers were transported from Kalyan area in Mumbai, Maharashtra to Danapur in Bihar. From this lot of migrant workers 650 people were residing in the Shastri Nagar slum of Mumbai. After the order was passed recently for allowing the migrant workers to go back to their native, they were allowed to commute in an organised and controlled manner so as to reduce the risk of spreading the pandemic.

The transportation of the migrant workers is done with the aid of railway sector which is plying special trains for transportation. As per the details said by the spokesperson of railways, the transportation cost of all the migrant workers need to be borne by the respective state governments which are transporting them. They also might negotiate with the receiving state regarding the payment as there is also such an option for payment. The Railway Ministry also said that the responsibility of moving stranded migrant workers belongs to that specific state government.

The Railway Ministry also pointed out the responsibility of receiving station’s administration to have a proper medical check up of these people in order to ensure their safety as well as the safety of people whom they would come in close contact with. Although as per the details communicated by the migrant workers, they were made to pay Rs 20 for the bus charges till the station and Rs 700 for the train charge to Danapur. The migrant workers also told regarding how miserable situation they were facing as they had to even spend their last penny for reaching back to their houses where they had no job to have a living.