Only Admins Can Disable The PMIs – Zoom Amidst Strengthening Security Feature


The video-conferencing app Zoom was scrutinized for its security features recently and also witnessed a dip in its user base after numerous incidents of ZoomBombing that happened lately. Presently, Zoom is focusing on taking measures that could help strengthen the apps security features and enable its users to have a pleasant experience. For this, Zoom launched few features such as increasing the complexities of passwords, waiting room etc. for its protocol strengthening.

Lately, the company launched an additional security feature that permits only the admins of a meeting to disable the Personal Meeting IDs or PMIs. This will assist the platform from being risked to zoom bombing, where any intruder will get the access to the meeting group. The company suggests that the latest feature would offer more control to the group admin and also lowers the havoc of zoom bombing in future.

A blog posted by Zoom mentioned that the user requires to delete the meetings which use a PMI as the personal links would become invalid and will not be utilized to host a meeting. The blog also stated that the new invites should be sent to the scheduler who is desired. The company also listed the updates for Basic users that is planned to be introduced on May 9th.