Trump Says Would Test For COVID-19 Everyday As His Military Assistant Has Tested Positive


Soon after the military assistant of Donald Trump tested coronavirus positive, the U. S President made an announcement on Thursday that he would test for the virus on an everyday basis. In the Oval office of the White House Trump also told the reporters that he and Vice President Mike has tested for Covid-19 as the military assistant had tested positive for the pandemic. He also added that he as well as Mike haven’t made any close contact with the individual although he knows the military assistant personally.

While Trump responded to the questions asked to him by the reporters, he also mention that himself, Vice President Mike and all the other officials in the White House would be tested for the virus on an everyday basis. Trump also mentioned that the test result of his as well as of the vice president Mike was negative for the previous day as well as on the day of having the press conference.

The President, Donald Trump also mentioned in his interview with the Press that he had been testing for the virus earlier also and during then he was testing for the virus once in a week while he is testing on an everyday basis currently as his military assistant tested positive for the pandemic.