Throwback Game From 2010 Pac-Man Brought Back By Google Doodle


Google Doodle has come up with the throwback game from the year 2010 which is the Pac-Man. Doodle has featured the interactive game Pac-Man on its special logo. Pac-Man was released in the year 1980 and was developed by Namco. This maze arcade game is something which the kids in the 80s and 90s would quite relate to. This game was quite engaging during those times which made the kids during that time period glued to their computer screens, apart from other games which were there in computer systems. In the game, Pac-Man is needed to be controlled by the gamer and has to move right, left, up and down in order to eat up the dots and also to evade the ghosts in the enclosed maze.

Google Doodle published the game Pac-Man first on 21st May 2010 in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the maze arcade game. This engaging game was directed by a Toru Iwatani, who is a Japanese video game designer along with his team of nine people and the game developed began in the year 1979. Toru Iwatani was of the view that, he wanted to develop a game which boys as well as girls would enjoy in the time when most of the computer games were focused on sports and war. As a result, Pac-Man was one of the most-played as well as popular during that bygone era. People are grateful for Google Doodle, since it gave the people the opportunity to once again relive their childhood memories via Pac-Man.