Latest Coronavirus Vaccine Updates: Novavax And Moderna About To Enter Human Trials


With the continuous and tireless efforts from the side of medical science in finding a vaccine for coronavirus which has taken the lives of lakhs of people across the globe, there has been good development seen from firms such as Novavax and Moderna in their Covid-19 vaccine development during this week.

The latest development for the Moderna Therapeutics was their getting of fast track permission from FDA of United States for their Coronavirus vaccine whereas the development for the company Novavax was their permission for conducting their vaccine tested for human trials. As the spread of coronavirus is at an extreme high pace, people have started to have their last hope on vaccine development and hence there are more than 100 research groups around the globe seen to do their research on vaccine development.

The various research groups have their vaccines at different levels of development as some are still in the first stage of development while there are some vaccines that have reached for clinical trials. Vaccines are having more hope from the side of people mainly because they can prevent the virus from entering a human body.
Moderna Therapeutics the U.S based biotechnology company has got their “fast track approval” from the FDA of United States for their coronavirus vaccine which is on developing stage and hence has made a decision to do their phase-2 trial on U.S on 14th May.