GIPHY GIFs bought by Facebook for better integration of it with Instagram


Currently most of the social media users loves to use GIFs in their conversation for making it more interesting. At present one of the world's largest sources of GIFs is GIPHY compared to any other web sources and now they have been bought by Facebook. The announcement of Facebook's plan to acquire GIPHY was announced by them along with a reason which was really interesting and it was that Facebook wanted its other social media platforms such as Instagram to better integrate with GIPHY.

Although Facebook has acquired GIPHY there won't be any specific change in their way of functioning. All the GIPHY users still can upload their GIFs in the online platform and it can also be used anywhere they prefer. Facebook also said that all the services and applications can also continue their usage of GIPHY GIFs without having any change in licensing issues. They also announced that the GIPHY community will also not be touched.

The main idea of this acquiring of GIPHY by Facebook is to integrate it better with their own apps such as Instagram and according to the VP of Facebook they want better integration of GIPHY GIFs with Instagram Direct and Instagram Stories.

Although GIPHY GIFs was earlier also available in Instagram the current advantage to users is that they can browse the GIPHY library easily and faster now compared to the earlier scenario. This has enabled Instagram users to access the GIPHY library easily just like how it works on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

After this new plan of integrating GIPHY with Instagram, the users of Instagram are yet to know whether they can be used in Instagram comments. Although Twitter and Facebook had this feature of commenting with GIFs, this feature was not made available in Instagram. At present there are also more chances for this feature to be enabled in Instagram within much time as Facebook have acquired them.