India Backed EU Resolution Which Was Presented At The World Health Assembly


It has been reported that India has backed the resolution which is going to take up the problem of ‘Covid-19 response’ i.e. the 62-nation coalition draft resolution which has been introduces to the World Health Assembly (WHA), during the meeting.

India Today TV has discovered that 'Covid-19 Response' which is the European Union-sponsored draft resolution will be received collectively at the 73rd World Health Assembly. Initially, it was drafted by the EU alone, however, it was later co-supported by different countries totaling to 62, barring the China and the US.
While prior nations like the US had looked for an independent investigation into the coronavirus flare-up and also its inceptions, the EU draft doesn't specify investigations and inquiries against any state. Some of the sources disclosed to India Today TV that the draft resolution was acknowledged by most of the countries in light of its language.

The final draft resolution is left needing to look for extreme activity against and straightforwardness on the reaction to the coronavirus flare-up by China. Be that as it may, it means to address questions raised regarding the World Health Organization (WHO) as an association and its reaction to the pandemic.

It will require an “independent”, “comprehensive” and “impartial” evaluation for the purpose of reviewing lessons gained from the WHO-coordinated response, and also the “effectiveness” of the mechanisms that are at its own disposal - specifically the 2005 International Health Regulations.