Satya Nadella Stated That Tele Working Permanently Can Harm The Employee’s Mental Health


The outbreak of coronavirus made the companies shutter their offices and made the employees of the firms work from home instead. In some countries, the rules of lockdown are getting gradual relaxations and hence employees are called to their offices for resuming work from there.

In an interview with NYT, Satya Nadella, who is the CEO of Microsoft made a statement that working from home permanently can cause harm to the mental health of the workers and also to their social interaction. He also mentioned that tele work could be "replacing one dogma with another dogma." The company Microsoft has lengthened their policy of Work-from-Home until at least the month of October.

Nadella said in the interview that, they are going to boldly acquire and allocate, innovate, build, partner etc. and also, they would ensure that they are having the capability of giving credit to small business concerns that need support.

It was observed that, according to the last financial report of Microsoft, Microsoft has not witnessed any great impact, even with the outbreak of the pandemic Covid-19. NYT also reported that the stock of the tech giant has spiked by 14 per cent during this year.

Along side Microsoft, other tech giants such as Google and Apple were also seen extending their policy of work-from-home until the completion of the year 2020. Facebook reported that their employees would be resuming to their offices in staggered waves.