Mexico Starts To Re-Open Key Industries With Precautionary Measures


On Monday, certain guidelines were issued by Mexico stating to restart operations in key industries such as mining, construction and also automotive sectors. The death toll in the country has crossed 5,300 and also has 51,633 positive Covid-19 cases. With this statistic, the officials of Mexico are struggling to reopen the key industrial sectors without generating a great transmission of the deadly virus.

This moves to release limitations follow developing pressure from the United States to revive processing plants that are essential to supply chains of US-based organizations, particularly in the huge automotive industry. Mexico's reviving plans have drawn a large amount of criticisms from certain government officials who are worrying that the ongoing rising pandemic tide in Latin America makes it dangerous to send more individuals to work.

The guideline which was published overnight, needs the business organisations for submitting to the protocols of health authorities in order to exit from the lockdown of Covid-19. The decision for resuming the operations would be given within 72 hours of submission.

Activists which include the former GM workers were called on Monday for an independent trustee who were chosen by the workers in order to inspect the factories for adequate measures of sanitation. In a video which was sent to the employees of Silao, GM mentioned that the labourers would be spaced apart, each day they would be checked for the symptoms of Covid-19 when they entered and also would be provided masks and also glasses that should be worn consistently.