As Per Donald Trump's Statement He Takes Hydroxychloroquine For Protection Against The Covid-19 Pandemic


On Monday, the President of United States, Donald Trump said in a statement that he is having the intake of a malarial drug called Hydroxychloroquine for protection against the Covid-19 pandemic. Trump was taking this drug even after continuous warning from his own government as the drug could become life threatening due to its side effects.

During Trump's conversation with the reporters he also told them regarding his intake of Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc tablets every day for the past one and half week period. Although Trump was not recommended with this medicine by his doctor, it was recommended by one of his physicians in White House. Trump also told that he is taking the medicine because he feels it could protect him from the pandemic as he has heard really pleasant stories about how this drug could protect him from the pandemic.

In the last month the FDA in United States had warned hospitals not to make use of this drug other than for research as they felt the side effects given by the drug could even become life threatening. Trump's statement regarding the warning over the side effects was that he doesn't feel any problem until now. In the first half of this month two officials in the White House tested positive for the pandemic and this has led to self-isolation of Vice President Mike Pence and all the other officials in order to ensure everyone's safety.